Microsoft Lures Windows Phone 7 App Developers with Cash

In a race to catch up with Apple’s App Store lead, Microsoft MCTS Training is offering cash incentives to developers in exchange to building apps for its upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system, a company executive told Bloomberg Businessweek.

The first Windows Phone 7 devices are expected to arrive later this year, and Microsoft is gunning for Apple’s and Google’s myriad of developers by offering incentives ranging from free tools and test handsets to development funds and revenue guarantees.
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Microsoft is a latecomer to the new generation of smartphones, and its Windows Mobile Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6.X devices has not fared very well with developers, who flocked mainly to Apple’s and Google’s mobile platforms. There are more than 225,000 apps for Apple’s iOS, and more than 60,000 for Google’s Android. Microsoft has 1155 apps in the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

To make a mark and turn around its mobile business, Microsoft will have to match rivals’ offerings, so that Windows Phone 7 customers can download apps to their new devices later this year. Apps are even more important, as hardware parity starts to set among mobile devices, and software offerings take the spotlight in consumer preferences.

Because Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform is built from scratch, the software giant needs a whole new batch of apps for its latest mobile OS, as older applications will not be compatible. So to garner apps for the launch of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is paying developers to build applications for its platform.

Last month, Microsoft launched a contest to generate ideas for possible mobile apps, in an effort to promote its platform.

Different App Stores, Different Strategies

At least four app developers were offered cash by Microsoft MCITP Certification to have their Windows Phone 7 app ready for the launch of the OS, according to the Bloomberg Businessweek report. Microsoft’s deep pockets are said to offer assistance with both development costs and revenue guarantees, in case app sales do not perform as expected.

Apple, with more than 40,000 developers on board, offers 70 percent of the revenue from app sales to developers. Apple hosts the largest mobile applications store, reported to have 99.4 percent of all mobile app sales, and said earlier this year it paid more than US$1 billion to developers since the App Store opened in 2008.

Google, which holds the second-largest application store, has also ramped up competition against Apple. The company released earlier this week a Web application called App Inventor that allows users with little technical know-how to build basic Android apps, in a bid to beef up the numbers in the Android Marketplace.

Unable To Read File Xls Of Microsoft Excel

Unable To Read File Xls Of Microsoft Excel
Which documents do you use to store tables, statistical information and reports? We are not surprised that you thought about Microsoft Excel workbooks. Maybe, this format is widely used in your company and it cannot be replaced by any other program. Which measures do you know to ensure the safety of your information in xls  format and do you see something like: “Microsoft Excel unable to read file”, when trying to access your documents? Owing to Recovery Toolbox for Excel, these errors are not a problem anymore, even if you have not backed up your data yet.

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Do not panic, if you see something like: unable to read file can t save on Excel, repair Excel-unable to read file, recovering Excel file uable to read file or cannot read Excel file because corrupted. These messages mean that your workbook in Microsoft Excel format is temporarily inaccessible and you should restore the damaged file from its backup copy, we suppose that you back up your data regularly to prevent file corruption issues, is it really so? Anyway, we can help if the data was not backed up.
Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a small program that can parse Microsoft Excel worksheets and get the needed information. This solution works with all supported versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Thanks to the privacy policy of Recovery Toolbox, Inc., the parsing is performed on your workstation, no need to upload the damaged files to other file archives. If Excel cannot access read-only document, Excel 2007 unable to read file xlsx, Excel the file may be read-only or you may be trying to access a read-only location or unable to read file xls, you should download Recovery Toolbox for Excel and start the parsing. This solution helps, when unable to read file Excel.

MCSE 2003 Certification ,MCSE 2003 exams MCSE 2003 Training

One certification which completes your software qualification is the Microsoft certified software professional certification, shortly known as MCITP certification It is the certification by the American software giant Microsoft. One must understand the value of having this certificate. When a person has this he is given an extra advantage during the recruitment process because when a person passes this examination,he is supposed to have the necessary knowledge  for various requirements of the software profession. He would have the knowledge to analyze the requirements for providing information system solutions.

The examination would make sure that the person clearing the examination would have basic knowledge of various fields such as networking, network security etc.MCTS Training would require a person to clear through six exams, each having its own level of difficulty. This would include four exams which are based on networking and one exam on client operating system and one on the designing part of the software. There is also an elective which the person has to choose based on his own interest. On finishing MCSE 2003 exam and getting certified, the person could easily get a job as a software professional in various software companies and could earn a lot of money through out his life.

MCSE 2003 Training Mcse 2003 Certification

There are approximately 80,000 professionals around the world who have completed their MSCE 2003 certification. This is comparatively less certified professionals while compared with other certification courses from Microsoft. This is because MCITP certification is not very easy to achieve and needs a lot of hard work for certifying. Most of the multinational company have planned to increase their production level and are seeking for more and more certified professionals. So, based on the demand for this certification, several candidates are practicing for the certification in order to choose for better career path.

the actual training program or the accreditation isn’t what this is about; a job that you’re getting the training for is. Too many training companies place too much importance on the certificate itself. Never let yourself become part of that group who choose a training program that seems ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ – and end up with MCTS Training  for a career they’ll never really get any satisfaction from.

You also need to know how you feel about career development, earning potential, and how ambitious you are. It’s vital to know what industry expects from you, which particular accreditations will be required and how you’ll gain real-world experience. As a precursor to beginning a training programme, it’s good advice to chat over individual career needs with a skilled professional, to ensure the study programme covers everything needed.


What you MUST Do to Get a MCSE Certification

What you MUST Do to Get a MCSE Certification
Being an MCSE, or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, can bring in some good money and give you a greater range of jobs to be obtained. To obtain an MCSE certification, you need to be able to pass six core curriculum exams, an elected exam, and a design course exam. While most will go to university for an MCITP certification, they can be obtained through online courses and by studying online guides. Taking the exam and passing with at least an eighty five percent is needed to become a certified MCSE according to an MCSE who took the actual Microsoft courses.

MCSE study material ranges from books that can be ordered and sent to you to purchased and downloaded to your home computer. A thorough knowledge of Microsoft systems is key and you’ll need to be able to know the inner workings of a computer system before you can think about taking an MCSE certification course.

Certain internet web sites contain examples of past exams as a way to prepare yourself and study for the MCSE certification exam. Whether you take the course online, through the Microsoft internet site or go to an accredited university for it, make sure that you go over the MCSE study materials thoroughly and study as hard as you can for the exam.

There are a wide range of locations of MCTS training centers. Some of these centers even have high end retreats to train you on the finer points of being an MCSE. For those who can afford it, one training center offers a forty day retreat in the Himalayan Mountains for just fewer than three thousand dollars.

This forty day, intense training session covers every single requirement needed in order to take the final MCSE certification exam and start your new career. If you can’t afford to spend three thousand dollars on flying to the Himalayas, then a cheaper way to do it is to go through a rigorous online study schedule on your own. There are online advisers in case you need help or an explanation. Once you’ve completed the courses, you can earn up to one hundred dollars an hour.

Mark Kessler – his website MCSE 411 offers accelerated training information for MCSE Certification courses, MCSE Testing Centers, MCSE Boot Camps, MCSE Online training, MCSE study material, Links, Forums and Blogs

Requirements of Becoming MCTS Certified

Requirements of Becoming MCTS Certified
The MCTS Training is one of the most popular certifications in the IT industry. Through this certification, IT professionals gain the ability to work proficiently with Microsoft Windows platforms and carefully configure, install, and maintain Microsoft operating systems. It is an accomplishment that is recognized throughout the IT industry.

In order to earn this certification, candidates are required to pass seven tests, or in other words gain seven different titles. There are four titles which deal specifically with networking; such exams are 70-290, 70-291, 70-293, and 70-294. Through these exams IT professionals and MCTS students will be gain specialized training working with the Windows 2003 Server infrastructure.

The next portion of the core exams required deal specifically with operating systems. Microsoft offers a few different options to students to choose from; however only one is required. Tests 70-270 or 70-210 both deal with installing, configuring, and administering Microsoft operating systems; however 270 deals specifically with XP, while 210 works with Windows 2000.

The last portion of the core examinations focuses around design. Again, Microsoft offers two different options for students to choose from, but only one is required. The first is exam 70-297, which teaches students to design a Microsoft Windows server 2003 active directory. The other choice is exam 70-298, where students work more with designing security for the Windows server 2003

Once the core exams are mastered, Microsoft requires one elective course. There are 17 different elective courses offered by Microsoft which can be selected; however it is only necessary to pass one. Microsoft reports that MCTS electives can also be substituted by other Microsoft certifications, such as MCSA 2000 or MCTS 2000. There are also some third party certifications which can serve this same purpose; however if this is something you are considering, follow up with the Microsoft website to double check.

Earning the MCTS certification will require a lot of work; however the benefits will be felt throughout your career as an IT professional. There are many different routes one can take in preparing for the MCTS certification, for example candidates can choose to attend boot camps, distance learning programs, or take a self-paced training program. If the MCITP certification is something which interests you and your career, Certkingdom has created a MCTS certification course to better prepare students through the use of multimedia technology and simulations. Become MCSA, A+, Server+, or CCNA certified and improve your career. Mike Allen writes about technical training for IT certifications.

Respected IT Qualifications at Your Convenience

Respected IT Qualifications at Your Convenience
Want to gain a valuable certification in IT and make the most of the ever more important computer aspects of business? MCTS Training courses can get you recognized qualifications to work in IT that will stand out to employers and help you get the job you want.

In a world where even the oldest and youngest members of society are computer literate, employers are becoming ever more vigilant when looking at IT certifications. It is no longer enough to know your way around a computer. Having professional and well thought of certifications can give your CV a huge boost and single you out from the competition. One such form of qualification is the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification, which is globally acknowledged.

These certifications, particularly the MCITP, provide practical experience and knowledge of areas – such as database and server administration on Microsoft products – that will actually come in useful, not just helping you understand the jargon. They show employers immediately that you do not just understand the theory; you will also be able to do what they want.

However, a lot of people are caught in a vicious circle: they cannot get the job they want without a new qualification but cannot earn that qualification while working. Classes take time and that is something you might not have – especially if you are working full time and looking to retrain. For these reasons, among others, people often choose home learning instead. Unlike evening classes or other class-room and instructor led courses, learning from home is cheaper and more flexible, so you can arrange it around your own schedule, and you do not even need to leave your house so all the issues of travel are eliminated.

If you make the decision to study at home, there are still questions to ask:

· How do I know the people teaching me know what they are talking about?
· Is this the complete course or do I need other supplements?
· Is what I am learning up to date?

In order to minimise these risks, you should always make sure that the DVD or online course you choose comes from a well-established, reputable company. This will leave you free to study for MCITP Certification or other useful IT qualifications at your own pace and safe in the knowledge that the people helping train you know exactly what they are talking about.

New Features of Server 2008: Improved Web Services

New Features of Server 2008: Improved Web Services
Hey !!

Windows Server 2008 includes improved Web administration, diagnostics, development, and application tools with Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS 7.0), a major upgrade from IIS 6.0. Windows Server 2008 unifies the Microsoft MCTS Training, Microsoft MCITP Certification Web publishing platform, including IIS 7.0, ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows SharePoint Services.

Modular design and installation options allow installation of only the features needed, reducing attack surfaces and making patch management easier.
• IIS Manager, a new task-based management interface, plus a new appcmd.exe command-line tool make administration easier.
• Cross-site deployment allows you to easily copy Web site settings across multiple Web servers without additional configuration.
• Delegated administration of applications and sites lets you give control to different parts of the Web server to those who need it.
• Integrated Web server health management with comprehensive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools allow easy visibility and tracking of requests running on the Web server.
• Programmatic access to configuration stores through WM or Microsoft.Web.Administration, a new management API that enables editing the XML configuration files for your Web server, sites, or applications.
• Enhanced application pool isolation keeps sites and applications isolated from each other for greater security and stability.
• Fast CGI support to reliably run PHP apps, Perl scripts, and Ruby applications.
• Tighter integration with ASP.NET features and one configuration store for all Web platform configuration settings across IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET.
• A flexible extensibility model enables customization such as the addition of new modules using either native or managed code.

Windows XP SP3 released! What does that mean for the Support Lifecycle of XP?

Windows XP SP3 released! What does that mean for the Support Lifecycle of XP?

Many of you probably saw last week’s announcement regarding the release of Windows XP Service Pack 3.  This release has prompted a number of questions from customers regarding the impact it has to the Support Lifecycle for Windows XP.   So, let me try to explain Microsoft MCTS Training

You may recall from previous postings that support for Business & Developer products is provided for a minimum of 10 years (5 years in the Mainstream Support phase phase and 5 years in the Extended Support phase).  These dates may be extended, if a follow-on product release is delayed.  This rule only applies for new product versions and not to new service packs.  The release of a new service pack does not impact the Support Lifecycle of the product.

However, a new service pack release does impact the end of support for the previous service pack.  In the service pack policy posting, we discussed how support for a previous service pack will either be 12 or 24 months from the release of a new service pack version.

So, with the release of XP SP3, we begin the end of support clock for XP SP2.  Since the Windows product family provides 24 months of support for the previous service pack, this would mean that XP SP2 will end 24 months following the release of SP3.  Windows XP Service Pack 2 will end on July 13, 2010.  These support dates can be found on the Support Lifecycle website Microsoft MCITP Certification.

Microsoft Training Trends in 2010

Microsoft Training Trends in 2010

Each year, new sets of trends emerge that help those in the IT fields learn which way they need to focus themselves if they want to not only stay employable, but also be sure that they have a level of security that goes beyond job security. Staying current with one’s knowledge is crucial in any field, but it is exceptionally important to those in the IT  fields. Being able to earn certifications in a wide variety of Microsoft products gives an obvious advantage to any those working in a digitally run company, but Microsoft office training in particular is especially needed. Too many of those whose jobs are on the line today may have a very sound understanding of all the Microsoft products commonly used by major companies, but without some form of proof, employers may be reticent to trust the word of a resume. In order to compete in today’s hectic and highly competitive work environment, the skills must be backed by solid documentation that proves a job seeker has the credentials they are attempting to use to earn themselves a move forward in their career.

As computers come to be a more important component of all work places, those in the IT field have found that it is not only the hi tech companies that need a solid team behind their office staff, but companies in a ever widening range of markets. This means that in order to compete with the number of fresh graduates that arise each year with brand new degrees and a lot of drive, one should seriously investigate the value of becoming a Microsoft Certified IT Professional. With MCITP certification classes held by fully accredited training facilities, the classes will enable a job seeker to add some serious punch to his or her resume and impress a potential employer with a skill set that is much needed in the industry today. Going above and beyond that is expected of the average candidate is the best way to succeed, but a true pro won’t let their training stop at the MCITP level.

The first step is to get out there and find Microsoft support companies that can offer the very best courses in a stable environment with competent teachers. One needs to improve one’s resume and it is about more than a degree because only constant expansion and refinement of one’s skills ensures an IT pro stays at the top of their field.

It is obvious that the IT sector of the global economy is an ever changing one, with companies rising and falling at a profoundly rapid pace. Those in the know suggest that training is everything and they are not offering this suggestion as personal opinion. The fact is, those who do not pursue training on a regular basis are less likely to find themselves eligible candidates should they ever lose their job. In IT industry, education can come at a premium, but the investment pays off because those who have taken the time to keep themselves educated regularly find that their job security is far stronger than those who stick with a company hoping that layoffs will never loom over the horizon. Training such as the Microsoft Certified IT Professional – Server Administration (MCITP – SA), has proven to be one of the strongest educational tools in the career portfolios of IT professionals who are in for the long haul.

Microsoft has a set of examinations attached with the MCITP Training, the syllabus for which is mentioned in detail on the Microsoft website. Candidates can choose from various learning and preparation options. They can go in for the conventional classroom training provided by Microsoft and other centers that have partnered with Microsoft. Or else, they could also go in for online lectures. There are also various preparation guides and other material available in the market as well as online. E-learning material too can be accessed easily by the candidates. Candidates can also go in for online mock tests before the actual exams.

Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
Earn the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential so you can highlight your field of expertise. Now you can distinguish yourself as an IT professional with the current skills and proven job-role capabilities to work effectively with a comprehensive set of Microsoft technologies.

• MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer
• MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer 2008
• MCITP: Consumer Support Technician
• MCITP: Database Developer
• MCITP: Database Developer 2008
• MCITP: Database Administrator
• MCITP: Database Administrator 2008
• MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator
• MCITP: Enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
• MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician
• MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
• MCITP: Server Administrator

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