Windows 7
Windows 7 is coming, thus, we can find the information about Windows 7 is full of the Web these days. And I just heard many questions about: is Windows 7 safe? Is it stable and fast?

However, as most media says, Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista, windows 7 runs much faster than vista, takes up less resource, brand new task bar, automatically detects drivers, etc. surely Windows 7 is the best alternative for vista.
I’ve used Windows 7 RTM for about than 2 months, after I installed more and more programs, it became slower & slower, a little disappointment comes. However, one of my friend introduces a registry optimizer to me and explain why I needed, however, it did help improve the performance of Windows 7.


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Why we need Wondershare registry optimizer for Win 7?

Windows 7
As we know Windows created the registry system as a database that stores all the relevant information regarding the configuration, installation and other workings of your system. So does Win 7. Thus, when we use our computers over and over again, there are many defects lead to the slow speed, blue screen errors, dll errors etc in our PCs. Such as:

1> Low memory
2> Bloated registry
3> Overloaded-startup
4> Lack of free space on hard disk
5> Out-dated hardware configuration
6> Fragmentation in registry and in hard disk and so on.

If you are a fan of window system and want to buy a new computer, Windows 7 will be a good choice to help you with a faster running, easier to use and better looking Windows system than it before. However, Windows 7 is speed up for new PCs, but upgrading old ones makes little sense. Furthermore, since Win 7 is a new-born baby which provides lots of new features along with a newly designed interface. So, it may have many bugs or any other faults that make our computers unstable and unreliable. And after a period of time, your computer which installed with Win 7 will also become slower than before.

Therefore, whether you upgrade your system to Windows 7 or buy a new one, we just need a registry optimizer program to help us clean up the bloated registry and useless file to free up the disk space, repair the registry errors, defrag registry and hard disk to reduce registry access time and application response time, simplify the startup menu and so on.

A top registry optimizer can easily settle down these problems and boost our PC performance and then give us a perfect user experience. Wondershare registry optimizer is such a Powerful combination of Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer enables us to resolve or optimize the problems which I was mentioned above and then dramatically speed up and fix our PC and system performance.

Next, let’s see what benefits Wondershare Registry Optimizer can bring to your Window 7.

How to use Wondershare Registry Optimizer makes Wind 7 run faster and more steadily?

Wondershare registry optimizer is an all-in-one and easy-to-use Windows utilize. These utilities include Clean Center, Optimize Center and Advanced Tools. With a user-friendly interface, makes it easy for anyone to use Super Utilities.

Here below is a step-to-step guide:
Step 1: Download the free trial version of Wondershare registry optimizer by click here.
Step 2: Install Registry optimizer on your computer with Win 7 installed. Then launch it.
Step 3: Go to Clean Center, Optimize Center and Advanced Tools parts to fix and speed up your Win 7.

Part 1: Clean Center
Registry Cleaner: scan your system, identify registry errors, and automatically select the correction needed for best results.
Privacy Cleaner: selectively erase history, temp files, cache and cookies to protect user’s privacy
Shortcuts Cleaner: improve system performance, free up disk space and remove annoying shortcuts that point to invalid or non-existent files.
One click Restore: automatically backup any errors that have been previously corrected you may do so by one single click.

Part 2: Optimize Center
System Optimizer: according to our substantial testing, your Windows will runs 20% faster than before after adjust and optimize your Widows registry parameters.

System Optimizer can significantly speed up your system.
Registry Defrag: optimizes your registry by removing gaps and wasted space, thus improves the whole system performance.

Part 3: Advanced Tools
IE Manager: fix and restore the comment settings to original state.
Startup Manager: with this tool you can easily disable/enable any applications from the Windows startup list.
Uninstall Manager: uninstall Manager can safely remove the applications you have installed in your computer.
System Tools: a list of useful system tools which are built-in your Windows.

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