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Apple Product Placement: They’re Everywhere

Remember when we used to complain about the blatant advertisement of products and brands in TV shows and movies? These days, you’d be hard pressed to make it through a 30-minute sitcom without spotting a Diet Coke or some piece of popular gadgetry. In other words, it’s happening all the time. And nowadays, we don’t seem to mind so much.



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While the concept of product placement has blown up in recent years, it’s actually been around for a very long time. In fact, you may be surprised to hear that it can be traced all the way back to the early 1900s. According to Wikipedia, Red Crown gasoline appeared in the film The Garage (1919), which was directed by and co-starred Fatty Arbuckle.

These days, you’re more likely to spot some brand of soda or some ultra-cool device, like an Apple iPhone. In fact, this week much was made of the fact that Apple products get a LOT of love in Hollywood. According to Branchchannel, Apple products were featured in 30 percent of the U.S. box office’s number one films in 2010.

At first this seemed like a pretty big number to me. That was before I started doing my research. What I found is that you can spy a Mac or an iPhone or even an iPod in countless TV shows and movies. I’ve rounded up 30 instances of an obvious Apple product placement, and this is just a small sampling, I’m sure. Have you seen that infamous Apple logo elsewhere? Tell me about it in the comments section.

Now, lights, camera, action…

Duke Nukem Forever: How The Tech World Has Changed Since 1998

What do the Large Hadron Collider and Duke Nukem have in common? They both took 13 years to complete. Originally set for mid-1998, the game’s release date has since been postponed numerous times. It will finally, be released in May 2011 (seriously, this time).

Back in 1998, you loaded games via CD-ROM and played them on a CRT monitor with a ball mouse and keyboard. If you wanted to handle 3D rendering, you’d need at least 4MB of graphics RAM. If you had a top of the line processor, you were probably rocking a Pentium II at a whopping 400 Mhz.


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To put this in further perspective, in 1998 Justin Bieber was only four years old; 1997’s Titanic was still a box-office smash; and the United States had a booming economy with a budget surplus.

That seems like eons ago, especially in the world of technology. It’s 2011, and games that used to slow systems to a crawl back in ’98 are now playable within a Web browser using Flash. Gigabytes of HD video can be transported on an SD card about the size of a postage stamp and then uploaded to any number of video sharing sites. Heck, our phones are now more powerful than some desktops from 1998.

In 13 years, we haven’t seen just small evolutionary leaps in technology, we’ve seen revolutions in many major tech fields. Let’s take a look back at the tech milestones that have occurred since Duke Nukem Forever’s original release in the slideshow.

Microsoft 70-646 exam

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Transform Windows 7 XP Vista to Mac OS X Leopard

If you are tired of watching the same look and feel of Windows [XP, 7 or Vista], or you envy Mac OS X Snow Leopard for X reasons, it’s try to change the UI and transform the Experience.

All of the transformation packs are straight forward and easy to install.

Note: We recommend creating a restore point or backing up the files manually before attempting any of these transformations (list of files affected can be found on the author’s page)

Update: Transform Windows 7 to Snow Leopard

Transform Windows XP to Mac OS X Leopard

Download – The Pack is developed by kampongboy and does a beautiful job at tranforming your Windows XP SP2 to Leopard. The author recommends applying transformation in safe mode.


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If you need any assistance in customization, you can reach us @taranfx on twitter.

Additional software needed to get the exact look as in the screenshot: Windowblinds, ObjectDock and IconPackager.

WindowsBlinds Theme: Leopard Glass by ~neodesktop
Wallpaper: Leopard Wallpaper by ~vsdigital
Dock Skin: OS X Leopard for ObjectDock by ~reverse84

Transform Windows 7 to Mac OS X Leopard

Download – Developed by alkhan, is relatively easier. All you need to do is install the transformation pack and then use ObjectDock for the Dock at bottom. [Dock Skin: OS X Leopard for ObjectDock by ~reverse84]

Transform Windows Vista to Mac OS X Leopard

Download. Developed by Hydrattz, this Transformation pack lets the Vista’s pathetic glory go away in minutes. I remmend using the same dock: ObjectDock for the Dock at bottom. [Dock Skin: OS X Leopard for ObjectDock by ~reverse84] though you are free to choose your option. Do checkout optional things you can do with this theme at author’s page.

[How to] Install Windows 7, XP using USB

Now that people are rushing towards installing Windows 7, here’s something that will increases speed of Installation.

How many times you lost your patience while burning DVD/CD for each installation? You don’t need to do that.

The Era of silly DVD/ CD is totally phased out, and will be replaced by BluRay Drives in the near future.

So, What is the best and the Fastest way of installation?
Its USB drive! (Flash or External HDD). Here’s what you need to do. It’s simple but don’t make any blunders.

UPDATE: This guide has been updated to support all windows Installations.

Method1: Using WinToFlash (Easier)

Step 1. download WinToFlash from here and unzip.

Mount the Windows installation image (using PowerISO) or if you have installation DVD/CD, then well and good.

Step 2. Run the exe

Step 3. Select the source and target drive and hit next.

There you go, it`ll finish up automatically with a bootable USB.


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Reboot into BIOS. Change settings to Enable “Boot from USB”, and give it the highest precedence. Save settings and reboot, You would reboot into installation.

Method 2: via inbuilt DiskPart (Harder) Try this only if you have problems with Method 1

Step 1. Preparing USB drive

Open command prompt, from Start > run > cmd. If you are on vista or Windows 7, you might need to run it as elevated administrator. You can do this by creating shortcut to “cmd” on desktop then right click > “Run as Administrator”.

Enter following commands –

> Diskpart


Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
——–  ————-  ——-  ——-  —  —
Disk 0    Online           93 GB    13 MB
Disk 1    Online           8 GB    6 MB

Note down the number corresponding Disk number. 1 in my case


>SELECT PARTITION 1     – This 1 remains same always.

Step 2. Copy Installed CD/DVD contents to USB drive

> xcopy e:\*.* /s/e/f f:\

where e:\ is your source DVD drive, f:\ is target USB drive

Step 3.Changing BIOS Settings

Reboot into BIOS. Change settings to Enable “Boot from USB”, and give it the highest precedence. Save settings and reboot, You would reboot into installation.

Prevent, Fix Windows Explorer Crashes

Windows 7 has sold more than 30 Million copies, as per Microsoft. Its evident that it had been a big success bringing great improvements over windows XP.

Glitches would never go away till it’s a software. And they can be annoying at times, but there are ways you can minimize the annoyances and prevent havocs. One such problem is with Windows Explorer who like to act weird with its “Windows Explorer has stopped responding” “Windows explorer has misbehaved and needs to be closed”, blah blah.

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You can always force close it but The Explorer process runs a lot of important things in Windows, and when it crashes, it can really slow you down.

But there is a solution to minimize the damage by sandboxing its process, so that when next time one crashes, others don’t in the fission.

The Solution to windows Explorer crashes

Windows Folder options actually let you create a separate process for the taskbar and desktop from the other open Explorer windows in two different explorer.exe processes (that you see in task manager). This comes handy when one of them crashes.

HowTo: Go to any Windows Explorer (say my computer), Alt+T  > Tools > Folder Options > View > “Launch Folder Windows in a Separate Process”.


If you look more closely, its something that powers Google Chrome browser, new process for every Tab. Instead, there are just two processes. Of course it would be slightly more CPU intensive, but that’s definitely worth it.

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Microsoft Reports Record Revenue

Microsoft reported record fiscal first-quarter revenues on Thursday, with strong demand for Office, Windows 7, and the Xbox driving a 51 percent increase in profits.

Microsoft reported net income of $5.41 billion on revenue of $16.20 billion for the quarter ended Sept. 30. That represented a 51 percent increase in profits, and a 25 percent jump in revenue from the same period a year ago. Microsoft said its year-ago results included the deferral of $1.47 billion of revenue due to its Windows 7 upgrade option.

Sales to small- and medium-business customers were up over 30 percent, partially aided by a 15 percent boost in the number of customers selling Microsoft products.

“We see customers of all sizes leveraging cloud services from Microsoft,” chief financial officer Peter Klein said on the call, reiterating the cloud focus that Microsoft had emphasized at its Professional Developers’ Conference.



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The company said that Office 2010 revenue was up 15 percent over previous Office revenue in its first full quarter of sales. Xbox sales grew by 38 percent to 2.8 million units, and Bing also continued its market-share expansion.

More importantly, the company said that it “continues to see a healthy and sustaining business PC refresh cycle,” a contrast to a gloomy outlook for the PC microprocessor market, which could have a negative impact on PC sales.

Microsoft saw PC sales grow at between 9 and 11 percent, with business PC growth in the mid-teens. PC growth in emerging markets, unsurprisingly, was stronger than in mature markets.

“This was an exceptional quarter, combining solid enterprise growth and continued strong consumer demand for Office 2010, Windows 7, and Xbox 360 consoles and games,” said Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft, in a statement. “Our ability to grow revenue while continuing to control costs allowed us to deliver another quarter of year-over-year margin expansion.”

Microsoft reported revenue of $4.79 billion for the Windows and Windows Live division, versus $4.35 billion for the same period a year ago, with the Windows 7 deferral revenue factored in. Without it, Microsoft reported $2.88 billion for the period. The business reported $3.3 billion in operating income, more than double that of a year ago.

Microsoft said it sold over 240 million Windows 7 licenses to date.

Microsoft’s Server and Tools business reported $1.63 billion in operating income on $3.96 billion in revenue.

Microsoft’s Business Division reported $3.9 billion in operating income versus $5.13 billion in revenue, a 14 percent jump in revenue, with double-digit growth for SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange. And Microsoft’s Online Services Division reported $530 million in revenue, an 8 percent increase. However, Online Services reported an operating loss of $560 million, versus an operating loss of $477 million a year ago.

Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, the home of the Xbox, reported $1.80 billion in revenue, up 27 percent from a year ago. The division reported $382 million in operating income, and “Halo:Reach generated $350 million in revenue.

Microsoft’s outlook for its Windows business is to be in line with PC market growth excluding the Windows 7 launch spike of about $600 million, the company said; for its business division, Microsoft expects non-annuity revenue in line with PC market growth, and multi-year license revenue to grow in the mid- to high single digits.